Self-Collecting Nail Clippers

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Self-Collecting Nail Clippers

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The last nail clippers you’ll ever need

Trimming your nails is one of those tasks that can be incredibly messy no matter how hard you try. 

But hey, you can’t do without it can you?

So week after week, you negotiate the mess and watch helplessly as the nail clippings fly all around you with each click of your old nail clipper. 

It’s highly possible that you spend more time finding and cleaning nail clippings, than the time you spend in trimming them. 

Or you head to a secluded corner of the home to ensure that they don’t end up on the furniture or in the upholstery. 

Imagine the plight of a senior person who doesn’t have the strongest eyesight in trying to find these clippings. 

That’s why CleanClip nail clippers are a  game changer. 

At first glance, they look like a normal nail clipper. But there’s a BIG difference.

They’re designed with a cleverly concealed storage box that grabs each clipping as you trim your nails, ensuring that there are no rogue fly away ones.

In other terms, there’s no mess to clean afterwards. Only clean, trimmed nails. 

What is the Self-Collecting nail clipper?

The Self-Collecting Nail clipper is your ticket to hassle-free, mess-free nail clipping.

They’re  compact, powerful, and have a sleek and stylish design that will fit right into your pocket.

The best part is that it works exactly like your old nail clipper. There’s no difference. 

It comes with razor-sharp blades that can make short work of your fingernails and toe nails.

But flip over the lever and you can access a compact storage box that will grab all the nail clippings as it comes out from under the blades.

When this storage box gets filled, you can just empty it into the trash. It is easy to access too. No fiddling needed. 

Most importantly, you no longer have to worry about flyaway nail clippings.

Who is it ideal for?

It is ideal for anyone who hates spending time and effort trying to discover nail clippings that can fly and get lodged in furniture for example.

Or for seniors who may find it difficult to completely clean the mess that trimming nails causes. 

Without sounding gross, nail clippings can also be a breeding ground for nail fungus, which makes it extremely important for you to collect and dispose them off.

The Self-Collecting nail clipper is a single solution to the plethora of problems caused by normal nail clippers. 

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