"Save A Wolf" Pendant

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"Save A Wolf" Pendant


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"Save A Wolf" Necklace

Intelligence, instinct and the importance of social ties are the strength of the pack and are the main characteristics of a wolf soul. 

Obsidian: This stone exposes flaws and weaknesses and therefore, helps you to look forward.


Amethyst: Amethyst will help you sleep, recall dreams, relieve headaches and open your mind.


Malachite: Malachite represents new life and rebirth, as well as energy and growth.


Clear Quartz: amplifies and transforms energy. It neutralizes and harmonizes all of the chakras.





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We need to Move!

How many are they left in the wild?

Only fewer than 30 Red Wolves are left in the wild, and they are expected to go extinct in less than a decade. 

Every purchase helps to keep these beautiful animals happy, healthy, and protected from being hunted.

*A portion of the proceeds generated from this Necklace will be used to further our mission of saving wild wolves.