Quick & Easy Claw on Curly Ponytail

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Quick & Easy Claw on Curly Ponytail

Color - Gold


Our Quick & Easy Claw on Curly Ponytail offers you the easiest way to add an instant curly refreshing look to your own hair. Simply clip it onto your hair, and create a fun and flirty new look in just minutes!

Either you have short hair or long hair, this claw on ponytail is highly applicable for various hairstyles. Our hair claws will transform your look in seconds. It's that easy! Just like your own hair!



  • Instant Curly Style: 100% Japanese A class heat-resisting fibers high quality kanekalon fiber, not shiny, soft and comfortable to wear. Well blending with your own hair, which looks like real human hair.
  • Quick and Easy: It's so easy to use, just simply clipping it onto your hair, stays in place all day help you to save more time to fix your hair.
  • Perfectly Extension: It's perfect for adding volume and fullness to a ponytail, they keep your hair from getting loose and falling out as the day goes on.
  • Highly Applicable: Either you have short hair or long hair, this claw on ponytail is highly applicable for various hairstyles. You can extend your hair freely when clipping onto your short hair if necessary to increase the length.
  • Suitable for Any Occasions: With this hair scrunchy, you can style an updo in just minutes and turn any day into something special. Can be worn for a prom, wedding or evening out to surprise your friends or admirers. It can be treated with almost all hair styling appliances.
  • Durable, Washable, and Safe: Made of 100% japanese a class heat-resisting fibers high-quality kanekalon fiber, you can wash like your own hair.
  • Perfect for All Hair Types


  1. Wash with cold water.
  2. Add a dash of shampoo and wash gently.
  3. Rinse thoroughly in warm water, again working from the top down.
  • Never twist, wring, squeeze your hair extension, allow it to air dry.


  • Material: 100% Japanese A class heat-resisting fibres high quality kanekalon fibre
  • Size: 55cm (Long) 
  • Color: Black, Light Brown, Dark Brown, White Blonde, Blonde, Gold, Reddish, Grey


1.All dimensions are measured manually with a deviation of 1 to 2 cm.

2.The color will be different because of the lighting,the electronic screen  displayand other reasons. The color of the single product is subject to  the material object.



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  • 1 x Quick & Easy Claw on Curly Ponytail


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