Magical Funny Tree

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Magical Funny Tree


You won't believe your eyes! This Magical Funny Christmas tree is the ultimate science experiment and great decoration for you desk. Set up your Christmas tree according to the instructions and in just a few hours your tree will be covered with gorgeous colorful crystals

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Main Features:
  • Crystal growing kit
  • Christmas tree design
  • Add the special magic liquid to the base of the cardboard tree and watch the crystals grow
  • The tree sprouts green foliage on its branches
  • Everything you need is included in the package
  • Perfect holiday decoration for the home or office

How to use:

    1. Put the paper tree on the plate
    2. Separate the forks
    3. Put the decoration items on the tree
    4. Pour magic water on the tree
    5. The paper tree slowly sprouts, and the flowers bloom on the tree 20 hours later.
    • Precautions
      1. Divide the branches into trees
      2. Decoration needs to be put in the early stage
      3. Do not put in a place with ventilation or warm sunlight
      4. Don't move often
      5. Is a scientific experimental toy of physical principles
      6. It is not recommended to plant in rainy, foggy or humid weather, it will grow slowly.
      7. Suitable for age above 3 years old

      Package includes:

      • 1 x Magical Funny Tree